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It's a hell of a start,

being able to recognize what makes you happy.

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I'm 18 and I'm pretty nice.

"...it is better to know nothing than to keep in mind fixed ideas based on theories whose confirmation we constantly seek, neglecting meanwhile everything that fails to agree with them." Claude Bernard

Personality type: enfj


hp. lost. joa. heroes. the office. vm. antm. lotr. gg. ga.

Imogen Heap. George is Jones. Joshua Radin. Schuyler Fisk. Coldplay. Shout Out Louds. Joe Purdy. Ingrid Michaelson. Ben Harper. Goldfrapp. The Strokes. The Fray. Eisley. Aqualung. Stars. Fiona Apple. Dido. Frou Frou. Beck. Remy Zero. Damien Rice. Eastmoutainsouth. Dar Williams. The Concretes. Sarah McLachlan. Natalie Merchant. James Blunt. Keane. No Doubt. Joss Stone. The Beatles. Simon and Garfunkel. Howard Shore. Billy Joel. Jamie Cullum. Cat Stevens. The Goo Goo Dolls. Snow Patrol. Sam Phillips. Jack Johnson. Tegan and Sara. Norah Jones. John Mayer.

Jonathan Safran Foer. JRR Tolkien. Mary Roach. JK Rowling. Ann M. Martin. Norton Juster. Ray Bradbury.


Rachel ~ franlock
Dominique ~ catchabird
Leah ~ smart_seagull
Allyson ~ wittychick
Chelsea ~ chelseatherad
Elena ~ curleyleyley15
Laura ~ whitesummeroses
Ali ~ sgt_blue_mango
Aadrita ~ catalyst317
Shannon ~ toastychn


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